Nio – Videographer and Designer since December 2012

I remember scouting for a skilled and talented videographer for a very long time with no luck. The people that I met either lacked essential creativity or wanted to do the job for the sake of doing it. When Jack first showed me his short film on YouTube, I was blown away by the detail of his work. It was so professionally and intricately done. I was desperate to work with him, to see what results we could come up with both creatively and in physical form. His ability to adapt and work around difficult situations is what makes him so easy to work with. His admirable skill with a camera and extensive knowledge in his industry enabled me to not only come out with the best results I could have ever hoped for, but to also know that I will continuously be using his services throughout my career. His love for film and determination are second to none. I am extremely proud to have had Jack on my team and I am honoured to have had my videos produced under him.Niresh Satkunarajah

NIO – Performing Card Tricks in Leicester Square

Filmed and edited by Jack Woodhams.